Making of a Mushroom Parasol

Making of a Mushroom Parasol

Do you love that little parasol from my gnome outfit? You're not alone! I got so many compliments on it and it was super easy to make. Below I'll show you a bit of the process and how I made it. 

Dallas dressed in a german dirndl to look like a garden gnome next to mushroom painted parsol

I started with a red parasol, made out of a thin canvas kind of material. I had previously weather proofed it, with a water sealant spray. Highly recommend for those situations where you get caught in a light rain. The parasols are lightweight and really only made for sun, but this helped a lot. 

Then I added spots with white acrylic paint! Easy peasy. I would say the hardest parts are: 

  1. Having enough space to have the parasol open while painting
  2. Figuring out where to put the dots and at what size

red parasol open with white dots outlined all over the surfacered parasol with half of the white dots painted inFinished mushroom parasol, all white spots painted in

Overall though it turned out great! A little bit of organic feel with the dot placement goes a long way. It really made me feel like a tiny gnome under that mushroom.

Dallas in a gnome outfit squatting underneath the parasol raised above her head

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