From the Founder

Welcome to Craft Along with Me

self portrait of Dallas Hudgens, smiling wearing a gold leopard print dress

I am fairly new to running a small business but not new to the world of handmade goods. I have been crafting and creating art since I was a child, continually picking up new hobbies as I grew older.

Speaking of hobbies, I’m quite the collector! I find a lot of joy and creativity in new mediums. Some of my crafting trades include sewing, leather working, pottery, designing stickers and pins, resin, painting, and more.

I always find myself returning back to fairy and fantasy themes for my projects. Whether it’s new costumes for the Renaissance festival, fun purses or accessories with nature influences, or pottery that fits perfectly in a bright and colorful fairy garden.

I’ve learned that no matter the medium, I enjoy the creative process. I enjoy taking an idea in my head and turning it into reality. Part of my joy is growing that creativity, and sharing that process with others. My short term goals are to share my art and sell some of my products, but I dream one day of opening a workshop for others to create, teaching and hosting classes for all to find their own creative spark. 

Business Values
My values for my business highly overlap with my personal values. 

💡Creativity - I enjoy being creative, working that muscle, by trying to new art forms, new mediums. I’m always coming up with projects and ideas to try. Pre-pandemic, I would host “pinterest parties” or workshops for friends after learning a new craft to share with them.

💁‍♀️ Independence - In my personal life, I like to be independent and self sufficient. How that translates into my business is that I aim to grow slowly, supporting my small business with my day job, and trying not to acrue debt.
You probably won’t see me run a pre-order for product because I like feeling capable of bringing a design to life myself (even if it’s a higher risk if it fails 🙈)

☀️Seven pointed sun - The sun is my business logo for a few reasons. It’s bright and brings light & joy. It’s symmetrical, yet odd numbered, put still has a direction or orientation. It reminds me that art doesn’t have to be perfectly balanced, and that so long as you’ve got a direction you’re heading small progress will get you to your goals