Mushroom embroidered mask

Mushroom embroidered mask

Finished mask folded in half on top of a tree stump

This year at the renaissance festival was different this year because of the pandemic, but we didn't let it stop our fun! Sherwood Forest Faire implemented a mask mandate so we could all still attend. 

This was the perfect opportunity to do a little crafting to have a mask that matched my outfit! My friends who had dressed up as gnomes previously had these adorable masks embroidered with mushrooms and leaves. So I dusted off my threading skills and took at shot at making my own! 

black and white sketch of mushrooms, leaves, and acornsfelt mushrooms in progress Dallas in a gnome hat wearing green mask with mushroom embroidery

I started with a simple sketch of what I wanted to thread, transferred that to the mask, and started stitching. I quickly realized that this was going to take too long to do the full design on both sides, so I shifted gears to some felt mushrooms! I cut out the different shapes and did some satin stitch and french knots for the spots. 

They turned out really well, and worked perfectly for our gnomish crew all decked out at the faire. Even my boyfriend dressed up with me, and he had his own matching mask!

two people dressed up with gnomes, boyfriend is wearing a black mask with felt mushrooms

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