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Fairy Enamel Pins

Firefly Fairy enamel pin

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Firefly fairy is the first in a set of flower-crown adorned fairies. For those in a different region, you might call this a lightning bug. This gold plated hard enamel pin could be worn on a jacket, a backpack, or pinned on a board to adorn fae or human alike!

- 1.5 x 1.5 inches
- gold plated hard enamel
- Iridescent glitter in the wings (fully sealed in!)
- 2 yellow rubber pin backs

lightning bug fairy, fairy garden, hard enamel pin, fairy core, fairy wings


I package all of my pins and stickers in as sustainable packaging as I can manage. Nearly all my materials are recyclable or compostable. I use compostable plastic bags and yellow paper bags to keep the pins safe from scratches while going through the mail. I also include a freebie sticker as a thank you!

Welcome to Craft Along with Me!

I design and create fantasy themed enamel pins, stickers, and ceramic creations. I fell in love with attending renaissance festivals in 2015, and have been using that as inspiration in my creations ever since.
I enjoy the creative process of making and dabble in hobbies such as sewing, leather working, pottery, and more. You can follow all my different art forms on my instagram, at @craftalong.