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Enamel Jewelry

Tiny acorn charm necklace

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Live out your fall dreams with a dainty acorn charm necklace. This gold plated enamel acorn necklace will be a great addition to any autumn or fairy core outfit. It is available in both 16 and 18 inch chain. 

Give this as a gift of a kiss just like Peter Pan, and you’ll be the romantic talk of the town. The gold enamel acorn charm necklace also makes a great simple gift for an elephant exchange, or an upcoming birthday, or even an appreciation gift for a teacher! 

The charm is a gold plated zinc alloy, and the necklace is gold plated steel. The chain holds up well to day to day wear, and possibly even getting wet, however I wouldn’t recommend bathing while wearing it. Also, don’t wear it in a pool, as the color of the chain will tarnish and shift. 

Care instructions

Avoid spraying with perfume or soaking in water. Don't wear in the bath, shower, or pool as it could discolor the gold or silver plating.

Earrings: Posts are made of 925 silver and are a little more fragile than a plated steel. Please handle them with care and don’t put them in your pocket like I did or post will bend and possibly break off!


I package all of my pins and stickers in as sustainable packaging as I can manage. Nearly all my materials are recyclable or compostable. I use compostable plastic bags and yellow paper bags to keep the pins safe from scratches while going through the mail. I also include a freebie sticker as a thank you!

Welcome to Craft Along with Me!

I design and create fantasy themed enamel pins, stickers, and ceramic creations. I fell in love with attending renaissance festivals in 2015, and have been using that as inspiration in my creations ever since.
I enjoy the creative process of making and dabble in hobbies such as sewing, leather working, pottery, and more. You can follow all my different art forms on my instagram, at @craftalong.